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Search is broken?

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I remember way back when (before Doomworld 2.0) using Doomworld's search tool and finding it to be very useful and effective at finding stuff. Now it's pretty bad. I'm very confused by this. I'm looking for a post I made about a doom level I'd like to design. The post was actually a reply to someone asking for ideas for what they should build in the editor. I ended up giving a long winded reply about embarking on an adventure and how the level should start outside in a mountainous area and then go underground through caves. For some reason I still have much of the visuals of my ideas for the level in my head, but I don't really remember anything of what I actually wrote. I know the post was long and probably 12 or more months ago. It would be nice to reread the post to see if there were any good ideas in it. I no longer can search posts made by a member. /facepalm


It would also be neat if you could filter searches by post length. I'm pretty sure it was more than 500 words.

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Search isn't broken, but the status updates page does need to be updated since I just made one yesterday and it doesn't show up on the newest status updates.

Also I remember when you can search up users on a big list on the old forum.

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