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Jittery pistol animation with DEHACKED centering

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In my project, part of my dehacked patch makes the pistol perfectly accurate and changes the animation a little bit. In doing so I decided to auto-center it using the DEHACKED unused parameters. It works fine in every other source port, but in Eternity it's jittery and I can't figure out why. I attached a .wad with the patch in question so you can see what I'm talking about.




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It's because of interpolation. We'll see a solution to fix that. Your mod is fine, don't turn off interpolation.

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I've fixed it. Try the next version coming up on https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/eternity/.


Normally weapons have smooth movement when changing offsets, and this can be seen when bobbing them around. Due to mods like yours not expecting this effect, I had to disable interpolation when "Unknown 1" / "Unknown 2" is used, but if you think in some cases it may look better with smooth movement, you can do it in EDF using either the "+/-interpolate" specifier when using frame/framedelta, or "offset(x, y, interpolate)" when using the Decorate state syntax.

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