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Align textures on stairs

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I have a problem when trying to align textures on stairs. I know about lower unpegged to pin the texture at the same height however textures are not aligned on the X axis. Instead of continuing the texture, it repeats from the beginning of every step (see picture attached). What is the best way to align these textures?




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While in 3D mode, hover the cursor over a linedef and press "A" to horizontally align all adjacent linedefs with the same texture.


Or if you need to be more specific, select a group of linedefs so they're highlighted, then press "A" over one of them and it'll just align the selected ones.


For fine control, you can use the cursor keys while hovering over a linedef (or several, if they're group selected) to adjust the texture pixel by pixel.




Shift+A does the same thing, but for vertical alignment, although it gets fiddlier when you're mixing different floor/ceiling heights and upper/lower unpegged textures.

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One way to skip this entire problem is to draw the entire length of stairs first and then split sector into steps. Line should remember its offset.

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