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RDC Speedmapping Contest #22 - Results

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Speedmapping theme: Hell + City

There are 12 works (map01-map12) + 1 work out of contest (map13).

Iwad: Doom II
Port: Boom (prboom+ -complevel 9)
  You should give each map 1 score from 0 to 10 (you may not score maps that are out of contest), which should include theme compliance score (so a good map shouldn't get high score if it doesn't comply to theme). Please leave some comments about each map (scores without comments will be ignored).

The voting stage will last till 10 th of May

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/82ydw3uy9vuy7ld/Spd22.wad?dl=1

Have a nice play!

Topic on RDC forums: http://i.iddqd.ru/viewtopic.php?t=2014


The message on the floor in MAP05 reads "Помоги демонёнку сбежать к маме и папе ". This translates to "Help Baby demon escape to his mom and dad"


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Nice, going to make fdas for these. On yadisk I managed to download the wad directly tho I can't open the zipped version, tried from both links :S

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Thanks for the excuse to play maps and pretend to be smarter and wiser than I actually am.

Here's an FDA compilation of the first 12 maps in the project.



And since you asked for reviews...


Noisy's Subjectivometer
--- has 4 attributes -------------
Pleasure: x/5 - How much pleasure I received while playing the map.
Style:    y/5 - How cool the map was, even if it was frustrating as all hell.
City?:    z/5 - Was the map a "city map"
Hell?:    w/5 - Was the map a "hell map"

Final Score = (x*y*z*w)^(1/4) out of 5



Pleasure: 3/5 - decent basic little map
Style:    3/5 - middle of the road, in terms of cool factor
City?:    3/5 - kinda, it had city textures, but not what I think of "city maps" as
Hell?:    5/5 - yes, hell textures and slime and red stuff are present
TOTAL: 3*3*3*5 = 135/625
Score: 135^0.25 = 3.40/5.00



(note: I did not get an exit on the map)
Pleasure: 2/5 - frustrating and hard
Style:    4/5 - decent gimmick centered around a cyberdemon
City?:    2/5 - not really a city.
Hell?:    2/5 - it had some blood.  it had some marble and wood i guess.  didn't feel like a hell map personally
TOTAL: 2*4*2*2 = 32/625
Score: 32^0.25 = 2.38/5.00



Pleasure: 2/5 - kinda barren, but I kinda enjoyed the peace
Style:    3/5 - kinda barren, but I kinda liked the desolate feeling to it
City?:    5/5 - yup, it's a city
Hell?:    3/5 - the sky was red...
TOTAL: 2*3*5*3 = 90/625
Score: 90^0.25 = 3.08/5.00



(note: I did not get an exit on the map)
Pleasure: 3/5 - fun but, kinda rough when you exhaust all your resources and get walled out of all your options... but it is fun having a lot of options in the first place.
Style:    4/5 - Downtown is cool
City?:    5/5 - yes, very city
Hell?:    5/5 - yes, very hell
TOTAL: 3*4*5*5 = 300/625
Score: 300^0.25 = 4.16/5.00



Pleasure: 7/5 - loved it.  exploring is fun, and wasn't over-the top in that regard either.
Style:    7/5 - gimmicks are cool.
City?:    5/5 - clusters of buildings
Hell?:    1/5 - not even hell
TOTAL: 7*7*5*1 = 245/625
Score: 245^0.25 = 3.96/5.00



Pleasure: 5/5 - I kinda liked it for some reason or another.  I'm also biased because I beat the map.  Winning feels good.
Style:    4/5 - edgy creepy hell keep.  the music was cool.
City?:    2/5 - not a city.  maybe it's a jail keep inside a hell-tropolis? well whatever.
Hell?:    5/5 - super duper hell.  music made it more hell.
TOTAL: 5*4*2*5 = 200/625
Score: 200^0.25 = 3.76/5.00



(note: I did not get an exit on the map)
Pleasure: 4/5 - I enjoyed it until I mismanaged my ammo and died.  Dieing doesn't feel good.
Style:    4/5 - basic but slick
City?:    4/5 - it wasn't really a classic city map, but there were a couple buildings and a doom-cute trolley thing.
Hell?:    5/5 - very hell
TOTAL: 4*4*4*5 = 320/625
Score: 320^0.25 = 4.23/5.00



Pleasure: 3/5 - it may be a simple city map, but opening buildings are like opening presents, one at a time.  Part of the pleasure is the act of unwrapping the gift in-and-of-itself, rather than what's particularly inside the box.
Style:    3/5 - basic, but dark and cool.
City?:    5/5 - yes, it is a city
Hell?:    3/5 - it's sorta just a city map with red sky like a previous example.  but this one is dark and has space-rock textures
TOTAL: 3*3*5*3 = 135/625
Score: 135^0.25 = 3.41/5.00



Pleasure: 3/5 - kinda rough, 
Style:    4/5 - cool i guess
City?:    4/5 - it has a few buildings as decorations.  perhaps is was a city that got submerged in a crater.  not really a classic city level by my books though.
Hell?:    5/5 - yup. big crater of lava and corrupted terrain.
TOTAL: 3*4*4*5 = 240/625
Score: 240^0.25 = 3.94/5.00



(note: I did not get an exit on the map)
Pleasure: 4/5 - I liked what I saw up to the point where I died.
Style:    4/5 - I liked what I saw.
City?:    5/5 - it is definitely a city map
Hell?:    5/5 - it is definitely a hell map
TOTAL: 4*4*5*5 = 400/625
Score: 400^0.25 = 4.47/5.00



Pleasure: 5/5 - I'm not sure how much I liked the start, when you are frantically running around and trying to get a footing on the map.  but I liked everything after that point.
Style:    4/5 - very classic, very polished for what it was going for.
City?:    5/5 - yes
Hell?:    5/5 - yes
TOTAL: 5*4*5*5 = 500/625
Score: 500^0.25 = 4.73/5.00



(note: I did not get an exit on the map)
Pleasure: 1/5 - I did not enjoy the red key thing
Style:    3/5 - some cool grandiose (but simple) starting area.  some mildly quirky things here and there.
City?:    2/5 - this doesn't seem like a city map to me
Hell?:    5/5 - I guess this is hell though
TOTAL: 1*3*2*5 = 30/625
Score: 30^0.25 = 2.34/5.00


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Here are my fdas spd22_gaspefdas.zip, recorded on prboom + with cl 9. I performed worse than the usual, I guess I must be rusty but anyway I came back to complete the maps with saves.


MAP01: Doesn't feel like hell, unless you count like hell the schizophrenic texturing. Doesn't feel like a city either and the very small scale doesn't help. Gameplay that bad and the trasformation to get to the exit area was quite nice. 4/10


MAP02: Even this one didn't follow the theme. The concept of the gameplay was nice, even if personally isn't my favourite kind of thing. Props for being able to make 2 different paths to get to the BFG area. 6/10


MAP03: Fda not included because it's rather pointless. The city is the same building copypasted over and over and there's nothing to explore, no gameplay. 1/10


MAP04: Initially it looks very promising. The hard start is rather exciting and you get punished a lot if you go to the wrong places. I fared so much better in my playthrough with saves since I discovered retty early the eastern area with the moving platform where you can find lots of ammo and it sort of trivialize that part. The plasmarifle building give you lots of needed ammo but it's such pain in the ass to have to do all the platforming again if you want to get back, opening a teleport to go for the goodies once you complete it the first time it would be better. Then it was enjoyable until I reached the building with the teleport maze a-la TNT MAP30 and the worst offender is the next building with a crappy maze of pillars where you can't see anything (which I skipped with idclip honestly). I guess that the time limit didn't give much time to develop better ideas. 6/10


MAP05: Again no fda because even for this there is nothing to see. More than a city this feels more like a village. I liked a lot the idea here, it isn't clear at first until you can connect everything at the church. Pretty cool subversion of a Doom map and I liked how it's both cute and grim at the same time. 8/10


MAP06: The concpet of an underground city is cool, maybe it needed to be presented a bit better since the map feels more like a sewers/jail adventure. Gameplay is very well done and again you have some non-linearity with two different paths to choose. 8/10


MAP07: The city feel of the theme is rather weak but the map is very solid and fun. It could have some more health for the second part. 8/10


MAP08: This is more like your standard Doom city level. I don't get the cyberdemon that it's stuck in its area. 6 keys are too much and instead having some of the building optional, maybe with good weapons/powerups to fight the cybie that's free to roam the streets would have been a better choice. It seems like most of the effort went into the western building, all the other are just empyt boxes. 4/10


MAP09: Needed more buildings but it's solid overall. Having to fight on the lava gives it an unique twist compared to all the other maps and that was fun. The last fights weren't really striking, the exit train was nice tho. 7/10


MAP10: It's okay I guess, but very generic and uninspired. 4/10


MAP11: Obviously in Doom 1 style. It's pretty good overall but lacking of monsters especially for the later parts. 6/10


MAP12: Some ideas for the theme seem good, even though it looks like a mess. Gameplay is kinda bad too, monsters placed randomly and the whole map is flat. At least for once you can skip the cyberdemon. 3/10


MAP13: There isn't hell except for the RK room, few flesh sectors and the floating exit. It looks good though I can see a lot of copypaste around. Resources are so stingy, unless you manage to pick the secret weapon I would say it's almost impossible. There some good potential, I'll gladly play other maps from this author, maybe in occassions where he has more time to flesh out his maps.

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The contest is over! Here are the results:

Maps and their authors:

MAP 01 - MyNameIs
MAP 02 - joe-ilya
MAP 03 - Doomstalker
MAP 05 - Memfis
MAP 06 - Shadowman
MAP 07 - Артём(Known here as DukeOfDoom)
MAP 08 - BaldUncle
MAP 09 - Dragon Hunter
MAP 10 - FoxPlays
MAP 11 - Chaingunner
MAP 12 - JSO x

1 place - Memfis (map05)

2 place - Chaingunner (Map11)

3 place - Артем (Map07)

Thanks everybody for participating in this contest!

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