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In relation to the Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal, what exactly were the final bosses in Final Doom?

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In Evilution we face the "Demon-Spitter" that led the flesh-ship attack on Jupiter's Moon (either Europa or Io). In Plutonia we defeat the "Gatekeeper" who attempted to fill the shoes of the Icon of Sin, orchestrating the second and final attempt at a takeover of Earth in Doomguys native universe. Both of these demons look identical to the Icon of Sin. So now that the newer games have been confirmed as canon to the classics, what exactly were these demons? Were they all just the Icon of Sin? Did Doomguy just injure the Icon in Doom II and TNT, and then finally kill him in Plutonia? Or are these demons simply "Titans", the species? We can see that there are multiple titans carrying the unholy cathedrals in Doom Eternal, so were the Gatekeeper and the Demonspitter just OTHER titans, and the Icon of Sin is like the head titan? What do you all think?

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If Final Doom is still canon, I think those two are "other Titans". There hasn't been any indication in the new lore that there can be multiple Icons. The Gatekeeper and Demon-spitter, being named, could make them a higher class of Titan over the beast-like Barge Titan slaves we've seen in Eternal. I posted a topic a few weeks ago actually that pointed out an interesting visual similarity regarding the blue lights that appear whenever a Titan dies.



17 hours ago, LucidLocomotive said:

Did Doomguy just injure the Icon in Doom II and TNT, and then finally kill him in Plutonia?


I don't think so, them being given different names goes against that.

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