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I recognized Frank Zappa's face on someone's shirt

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Hi! It is 1:39a. m. here and yesterday at work I saw a guy wearing a shirt with Frank Zappa's face on it and I said: Frank Zappa, and he said: Yeah!!, and instantly I remembered some words from a member here about Zappa:


"Whenever I see Zappa, I think of the Master" - @Jello


Thanks to @Doomkid I know about Frank Zappa but actually


I don't know anything about Frank Zappa... :'(


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Oh, sweet baby Jesus. I'm glad I checked Doomworld before I went to bed. This gave me my best laugh of the day; although it is rather creepy knowing that other people think about what I type on Doomworld in their day to day lives. Oh well. And don't thank me, thank Doomkid. Which you already did... Alright, carry on then.

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4 hours ago, Gerardo194 said:


Thanks to @Doomkid I know about Frank Zappa but actually

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I don't know anything about Frank Zappa... :'(


this is all you need to know* :




*disclaimer : no it isn't.

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Ah, I thought this was going to be like one of those things where people think they have seen Jesus's face in a pile of vomit, or Hitler's moustache on a piece of toast or a photo from Mars or whatever.


Funniest thing like that I recall was my sister thinking she saw Ronald Reagan's face in my shirt pocket (when folded up). Just from a particular angle. She quickly ended up regretting saying that one out loud.


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1 hour ago, Mr. Freeze said:

I feel like such a moron that I never "got" Zappa. 

That doesn't make you a moron, it's definitely not for everyone. Well, there probably are some songs in there you'd really like, but mixed in with 62 albums, it's quite a lot to take in even for hardcore fans.


Occasionally fellow Zappa fans will ask me about a song I've never even heard of, and I'll get to make a new discovery that way. I love when that happens.

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This is like those many times that I've seen characters/people I'm familiar with (or think I am), but never get to know/remember their name(s).


Also, just for some lulzies.




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^^ Aw hell no.

But yeah, Zappa's got some out-there stuff - only dude whose music can give me a headache just thinking about it.  Haven't heard much of him (he put out a lot of goddamn records) but I got introduced through the Zappa Plays Zappa DVD (featuring his son Dweezil, who is intense, as well as Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio) - check that out if you wanna see some serious musicianship.  

Off-the-top-of-my-head songs I like/know (some I don't necessarily like, but am fascinated by):

The Black Page

Cosmik Debris

Zomby Woof

Muffin Man

Don't Eat The Yellow Snow

Sofa #1

Inca Roads

Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution

Alien Orifice

Cocaine Decisions

Revised Music For Guitar And Orchestra


The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution

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