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Textured/Rendered View of Hidden Doom 2016 Assets

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Wraith Revenant is an asset Extractor tool for Doom 2016 , It allows an player who owns the game to rip its assets and convert it to a useable format so that they may use it in other software. It exports both models and textures. I was browsing the Game's index file and found an weapon labled "Assualt Rifle" . I first thought that it was the model of the Heavy assualt rifle from Doom 2016 but it wasn't it was this asset Which i think is not in The single player and the multiplayer. I say this with some confidence because the textures are unfinished. The normal Base color texture and the Normal map channels are the only textures that was there. Rest of the textures ( channels ) was there but It had no data. Doesnt Have Glossiness / Specular textures


Even if it was used in the background, It would have Specular and Glossiness textures but it didn't . 


If this is already discussed / Debunked / people already saw it then i might look like an Idiot :p . Sorry for that and i will probably delete that.


Interesting design though. looks like an alternate version of the repeater


Update : Found another version with a scope. The Scope lens had a Proper texture set ( ish )dfgsdfgdfg.PNG.0d999c72846961571b13bf5040197fd3.PNG

Edited by NihalRahman : Update

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53 minutes ago, NihalRahman said:

Found a Spike Thing called Boomerang.


No normal maps. Only color and Glossiness and Specular



Reminds me of Doom 3's Soulcube when it's been thrown towards a monster.


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Ah i see that i am a bit too late. Oh well. 


I Will submit some Better looking renders and stuff as i am a CGI guy

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