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Noah Eadie

Ultra Forge - New Book for Kill Sector (D&D for People That Grew Up on Doom)

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Hey guys!


Last summer I made a post here about me and my buddy's tabletop RPG, Kill Sector. For those that missed it, Kill Sector is a rules-lite, combat-heavy TTRPG made in the tradition of first person shooters and 80's action cartoons. We made it as a response to Dungeons and Dragons being too creatively stifling and too rules-dense - we wanted something where people could really stretch their creative muscles and easily make characters and scenarios that are just as unique as they are badass. In the core rulebook, we've got over 700 options for talents, weapons, powers, and the like that can be mixed and matched - we call these "functions". We've got all sorts of functions - not just firearms (which goes from the basic shotgun and sniper rifle to the more out-there buzzsaw launcher and reptile-serum gun), but also melee weapons, weapon mods, superpowers, magic spells, cybernetics, biological functions (want to be made out of slime, or have extra arms, or be able to spit poison?), vehicles, underlings, talents, and even some weaknesses to grant you extra room to buy even more functions. During our year-long playtest phase, we saw dozens and dozens of characters made and played in the system. Characters usually took less than half an hour to make, and by the time the session was over, even total newbies completely understood the rules - many were already planning their next characters.


I come here today specifically because we've just released a new sourcebook - the Ultra Forge - which comes with 150 new functions, primarily new weapons and weapon modifiers. Just among the firearms, we've got things named stuff like the Pump-Action Murder Soaker, the Lava Launcher, the Gore Blaster, and the Triclops Sequencer system, to name a few. This new book is a huge expansion of play options for people looking to make their own crazy FPS-inspired gladiators. This book, specifically, is for people that want to feel like a super-powerful gun-toting hero that can take on anything.


And it isn't just guns, either - we've also got dozens of new pieces of equipment, ranging from the technological to the magical to the mundane - Midas Devices, Power Stogies, Cyclopean Stone Armor, Phoenix Wingsuits, Keys of Destiny, Cannibal's Cups, the list goes on.


Included in the book is a whole bunch of new artwork, created by yours truly. Here's some examples of what you can expect in there:





If this sounds like something you'd want to get into, then consider grabbing the core rulebook, and if you want to beef up your arsenal, grab the Ultra Forge while you're at it too. If you want to try the game out before committing, we have a free crash course document that outlines how the game works, and a free one-shot adventure with cheat sheets and pre-made characters included. We also have a Discord server, where people have been showing off their characters and running new games every week. This game is a love letter to all the weird sci-fi we grew up reading and watching, and all the FPS's we grew up playing, Doom being chief among them.

Let us know what you think! We hope y'all get a kick out of this!

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