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How can I make these look like they stretch out forever properly?


(The sky texture on the wall is placeholder)
How could I get these to look like they go on into infinity without it looking odd? Do I just have to make the sectors reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyy long, tapered, and far away? Or is there a better option?
I'm using Ultimate Doom Builder and GZ Doom to play it.




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12 minutes ago, Nevander said:

You need to use Line_Horizon line special (9) where you want it to extend forever.



They already are, if you looked at the screenshots.


@AngelFlash Your problem is inherent to projection, in that what you want doesn't really exist. Horizon lines work by projecting the planes into the horizon based from the geometry of the camera, and that's exactly what they are doing, however it doesn't extend the physical geometry into the horizon (notice it doesn't work for the lower walls and the planes always extended from the camera position, not where they physically come from). You can't really have an infinite expansion of geometry quite like that, it presents a lot of issues as to information and the lack thereof in so much as I can't even begin to explain the problems with that, it's an unwieldy concept in even industry contexts.


You need to design your geometry carefully around this fact in that typically you can only sensibly extend one plane at one elevation in one place at a time.

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