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DISMISSLELABS.WAD Missile Laboratories - (first wad V1) DOOM 1

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I am new to the website and not ever on websites where people post things so hopefully i know what im doing and follow fourm rules properly and posting where i should.

I try to follow the guidelines i saw for posting a wad file i will just post plenty of information on this.

This is my first wad so it may not be balanced well as im not the best with having the proper level of monsters and health packs etc.

Description             : With the Infestation of demons at the Missile Facility On Tei Tenga.
                                You Must infiltrate and disarm the facility and exterminate all possessed life 
                                as well as demons present on the base.  You will need to navigate the Terrain 
                               of a large Meteor impact to locate the facility. Once near you will need 
                                to get through the narrow rocky paths to make it to the storage area and small space      
                               port used for storage of critical materials on the base. Here security gets tight and 
                               you will have to be careful as many demons and possessed solders should be present here.
                                Once past this you must get past 2 points of fortified security to get inside the base.
                                After making it in to the base you must navigate through the core components of this 
                               missile laboratory consisting of an internal factory for missile component creation as well 
                               as toxic waste plant to deal with bi products and the most important area the command 
                                center for controlling these missiles during launch as well as other parts of the base.
                                Once disarmed you must go down through the missile exhausts to get out of the facility.


Design for map....

This is a linear type map that requires going forward and pushing to the end objective.
Once in the main missile facility it may be complex to navigate  as there are switches and keys required to get through. 

There may be multiple ways to get through the facility due not so obvious paths. 


I am new to doom so I don't know all these terms but all I can say is this is ( VANILLA )

I can run this in original Doom through dos box so I don't know anything more sorry! its just a normal doom mod.

Episode 2 Level 1            -warp 2 1



Also the time is wrong it took 6 days of building not 3                 

Please tell me what you guys think its my first map After a bit of experimenting with Doom Builder!
I know the balancing for monsters wont be best but still tell me if its a good design and if its fun 😁






DOSBox 0.74-2.1, Cpu speed_ max 100% cycles, Frameskip  0, Program_     DOOM 2020-04-28 18-49-56_Moment.jpg









Edited by LateToDOOM2020 : new name

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I just started playing the old doom so its all I know is oldschool i guess!
But it seems you two are saying its an old style I guess I have much to learn with doom wads!

And awesome video im watching now Its missile Labs (As in a laboratory for development of Missiles)  I made the mistake of misspelling it 😂

Maybe watching this playthrough Ill see if i made it too difficult or easy.

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Very cool playthrough.

It seemed more confusing because you were too good at finding the secret areas so you had shortcuts to areas not yet unlocked by switches or keys.
I wanted to allow the option to do that but I didn't expect they would all be found so quick!

The reason i had that pit with the cyber demon was mostly i wanted some lift looking decoration more than functionality but this is my first wad and I couldn't figure out how to make it lift up easily from within it. I did not intend for the wad to trap people who play but theres some areas I realize people will assume theres secrets etc.

I realize some of those monsters don't seem deaf like they should be Maybe I made a mistake as they shouldn't have came through the second gate at you.
For the exit I had no idea there was an unintentional Exit!

I have learned from this i need to reduce the ammo and probably take out that much cells!

Great video!!


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34 minutes ago, AngelFlash said:

I fell in that cylindrical pit with the tall silver tower in the middle and the cacodemon and got softlocked. 

Yea there should have been a metal door on there but I couldnt get it to work in doom editor :( 
Not trying to softlock players I just left it open for later but I realize that could be pretty tricky making it impossible to finish.

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An okay map. I do love the red rocky exteriour, was fun to mountain climb about the place blasting zombies in the face but after a little while I really got sick to death of hearing the same sound over and over. Where's the other guns? I've found rocket, cell and bullet ammo but only the pump shotgun and a chainsaw. The new shotgun sound became grating after a while but I persevered to at least try to at least finish the map.


I noticed the map has a lot of empty, long hall ways in the tech area. This feels kinda pointless in design. Maybe add some rooms that connect to other rooms?

Also, one room has a silver pillar in the middle with white stone on the floor and green marble bricks for walls. That pit is inescapable and doesn't kill you, thus I got stuck down there and ultimately gave up with the map. :l

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Aw man Yea I really need to release it with that door blocked since I cant seem to make the switches work for it opening or closing :(

And there are other guns in secret places as well as a room with the blue key before you get to the base.
As for the long hallways I think its just because its going past a lot of big rooms in that area the design was to make it like a puzzle of switches and keys meaning if i had them all open and easy to go room to room it would be easy to just go through the entire thing way too fast. 

The base has a specific pathway to get through it but I think there are a few design flaws i made that trap the player.

You went down to the missile Launching area The exhaust tunnels were closed because the command center area (around that computer area) has a switch that was not pressed yet. If it was pressed the metal doors would open and the path to the exit would be accessible. I think that's what happened. I need to make it a bit more forceful of where the user can go at first so it does not lead in to areas that are not ready for the user yet. 😂 Sorry friend.


For my first map I learned a lot of mistakes for the design. Good to see some people are playing it Even if it has too many flaws.

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