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Help with spawning enemies with scripts?


I am using Doombuilder X (doombuilder 2 but updated, essentially) and trying to use a script to spawn in these monsters around the player.
The trap SHOULD work as follows: Walk over linedef as you go to open a door, the linedef begins the script, the door is a teleport linedef and you end up in the centre of these mapspots- where the spawning then commences.



script 6 (void)

print(s:"insert inside joke here")









The problem is that no monsters spawn. I'm using doom2.wad and brutalv21.pk3 as the only resources on this. It's running GZDoom v3.2.1 during testing though I'll be running it on the latest version during actual play. I'm using UDMF.


Why aren't the enemies spawning? I can provide screenshots etc.

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Things to check:

  • Do they have enough room to spawn? Place a temporary monster of the same type over the spawn position to check the space, then delete it.
  • Is anything blocking them? If something else with collision is there, the spawn fails.
  • Are they spawning on a sector that moves? You'll need to use MapSpotGravity instead.
  • Are the SpawnIDs valid?
  • Are the TIDs correct?

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16 hours ago, PlinkyBits said:

Why aren't the enemies spawning? 


Are you testing with No Monsters selected?

I tried your script in my own pwad and it works with any editor.



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