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Walter confetti

"75 monsters" map for Heretic

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A map i'm building with very, VERY long pauses in and out between 2013, 2017 and these days of 2020, using only 75 monsters trough the level.






Slot: E2M1

Port: Limit-removing (maybe vanilla, but untested)

Tested with: Zdoom 2.8.1, Crispy Heretic 3.5, Chocolate-Heretic

New Graphics: Yes (various authors, taken from Baker's Legacy  and Heretical Thoughts Texture Pack)

New Music: "Shadow of the Heriophant" by Steve Buckett, midi conversion by joe ban(?)


Difficulty settings are fully implemented, feedback is highly appreciated as always!

Edited by Walter confetti

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This map in this state cannot work on vanilla or Chocolate/Crispy and others vanilla ports, they go in crash when trying to load this map. Problem in PNAMES and TEXTURE2 lumps, I modified them a bit so that they are be compatible with vanilla engines. Map starts works well, it doesn’t even require a limit removing, at least I didn’t catch any limits on Heretic 1.3.

Interesting and neat medium-sized map, I liked, balance is not focused on "very difficult", which also is good in my opinion. I recorded vanilla first attempt demo, almost first attempt, because at first I worked with map resources and checked result in the editor, i.e. saw a little the map.

Walter confetti, I'm not sure that you will not think badly of me if I attach this small modification of your map, but if you do not mind - tell me, I will do it without problems. Thanks for the vanilla format anyway, I like to play Heretic only in this way.

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Vanilla maps are rare now, everyone likes ZDoom format or mods. Also remember how I played one of your previous map "Deep Blue", it was interesting, but I died there many times, heh.

Attach the vanilla version, also today I noticed yet - that possible easily steal your green key, without lowering the sector, moved it a bit deeper. I want to ask - why do you need PLAYPAL lump here? I checked - it identical to the original, left him as is, maybe I didn’t understand something. Also, I would recommend to always add Deathmatch starts even if map is not intended for DM at all, this is 10 seconds, but it will help to avoid vanilla engines crashes if someone tries to load map in DM mode.

I'll leave my first attempt demo, maybe someone will be interested to see, this is more an overview for map itself, not speedrun.

75m4h (vanilla).zip


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