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Give Me Ya Pretzels

Milkyway Sins Kirby in Doom (YES IT EXISTS, ONE OF THE ONLY KIRBY DOOM MODS TO EXIST). Also its easier now like a Kirby game should

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ok, there was a mod pack that I made a while ago that had a version of this mod that wasn't complete yet. but I never even posted it to the Doomworld forums execpt for that mod pack even when I completed it. but now you can play it, better than before. Kirby can't inhale, but when he defeats enemies, the enemies drop a ability giver, and when you walk into it, you get the giver's respective ability. the presentation is the best part, kirby sounds are used a lot, there are sprites ripped from other kirby games used, even though I did make some weapon sprites in paint 3d, most abilities are not made in Paint 3D. some copy abilities can allow you to summon friendly versions of the enemies you got the ability from by pressing altfire. for everytime you spawn a friend, you use up ammo. the game is meant to make you feel like kirby, your small, fast, and have a thirst for BLOODIST.<--Intentional typo. if this mod sounds fun, here's a link to download it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wtuk5ryh1piy48u/MilkyWay Sins Kirby in Doom.pk3?dl=1






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