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A very cool and spooky detail in map 26 of Final Doom: TNT Evilution

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So I just now realized something about this map that was actually a very interesting detail from the map’s designer. There is this room in the level, that you cannot go into. You are only able to see the room through a little sliver of a window. The room has 3 lost souls in it, who also cannot reach you to attack, and killing them is optional. It just now dawned on me what this room is. Those are literal lost souls!  They are imprisoned in that room. The design of it is actually rather creepy might I add. The stone brick walls that are eternally sealing them inside, the backdrop of an entire wall that is a massive fire burning perpetual wood. The little piles of fire scattered around the room like that. This is probably very random but I was just noticing and appreciating this little touch making Hell feel more like Hell. PRgMqiY.jpgBpJZfrA.jpgX16V5zz.jpg 

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