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MAYhem: 2020 Edition - Beta 1.3 is live!

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Posted (edited)

Progress update: I've blocked out the whole map and so far about a third is fully detailed out. I'm currently at 18 sectors, so I still have some spare. It's great to do some mapping again, and at the same time see the works of others appear here. The biggest challenge that I'm now facing is to get it done before the end of the month.



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Holy moly I actually managed to finish a single player map layout for once in my damn life




I still need to tweak a bunch of thing placement and then do some more detailing and texturing (including getting some more mileage out of a few of these sectors that I'm not doing much with just yet) but I'm pretty happy with how it's shaping up so far.

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A little question here: why it's called '10 sectors competition' but 'no more than 20 sectors'?

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Posted (edited)
5 minutes ago, 4MaTC said:

A little question here: why it's called '10 sectors competition' but 'no more than 20 sectors'?


This particular project is MAYhem 2020: Something Something Hindsight and the 20 sectors restriction is a riff on it being the year 2020 while hearkening back to the original 10 Sectors contest in 2000. Apologies for the confusion! 

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Posted (edited)

Still in progress, but I thought it was time to show something, and I still only have 15 sectors! I must say that it is like the third time I make a map and this of the sector boundaries makes it very interesting.


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Is there a maps-per-user limit? Because I wanna make a cute techbase map but I also wanna make a grandiose Hell dimension :P

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2 hours ago, Kapanyo said:

Is there a maps-per-user limit?


I was curious about this myself, actually. I've had another idea floating around in my brain juice for a few days now.

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Posted (edited)

Completed my map, is a pretty basic one.




Title: The desert base

Build time: 3 days of mapping, more than less

New music: "Baked Goods" by Lee Jackson

Description: A pretty open map sets in some sort of desert, inspired by Alpha Doom. There's also a limit on monsters used: 20 monsters on easy skill, 40 on medium /  hard. Also, created, some sort of "doors" using barrels between map sections.


Hope you like it, feedback as always is appreciated!

Edited by Walter confetti : changed map link with v2

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@Snikle - Current Issues


Almost forgot about your map, sorry! Liking the crazy pace of the gameplay, although I can also confirm that it is 100% possible to complete the map after only firing a single shot. :P I'd recommend replacing the lift back to the main area with a teleporter or a few to keep up the pace and I did notice that you can get stuck behind the 2 platforms up to the Cyberdemon when they're both raised.


@4MaTC - Otsegolectric


Holy butts, this one is a toughie. :D Really good sector usage and the gameplay is delightfully frantic. I technically didn't beat this one (I got so huffy at a stray Cyberdemon rocket that I used -resurrect), but I got a good look at the setpieces and I really liked what I saw. Just to check though: is there actually enough ammo on the map to kill the Cybs (or some sort of crusher configuration to kill them off)? I imagine it'd be annoying for people trying to get full kills if there's no somewhat consistent way to get rid of them.


@Walter confetti - The Desert Base


A fairly simplistic map: not an awful lot to say about it honestly, it has a decent flow and almost feels like it belongs in an alternate universe E1. Much like the previous map though, I'm wondering if there's actually an expedient means to kill the Cyberdemon you put in on UV: I imagine you could potentially whittle it down with the shotgun and chaingun, but I didn't stick around to find out. Maybe place the chaingun a bit earlier and put a a super shotgun with the Cyb instead: considering there's chaingunners in the second path, it felt a bit misplaced anyway.

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@Obsidian Thank you.

Yes, just checked it myself. Though you should visit secret area in order to kill them. Completely forgot about UV-max category...


And another small fix (same link) - revenants spawning on easy instead hard in blue skull room.

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If that map isn't called Give Way, I'll be very disappointed in you. :P

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"Yield" would also be acceptable, for Americans/Pearl Jam fans.

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Posted (edited)

It's been a while since I've made a playable Doom map. Or, never, really, but I decided to give it a try.


At 17 sectors so far, with three of them reserved for later. Not sure if I can finalise the rocky mountain section of it all.

Screenshot 2020-05-16 12.56.10.png



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Posted (edited)

Monolith - Ready for playtesting!






19 sectors used (though for this beta I might have forgotten to re-join some). No skill levels yet. Inspired by Shores of Hell and Map 16: Suburbs. 


I will tighten up the screws on this guy this week.




Edited by NaturalTvventy

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Posted (edited)

I worked on this on and off for about a week. All death pits are inescapable, so watch your step.


Difficulty levels are available. Co-op starts with some extra monsters and ammo is included, but untested.


Map: Lab Rat

MIDI: Fury 3: L24-D (Remix) - composition by Jay Reichard





Edited by wydoomer

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Here goes my second map.

Took me about 5 days.

Inspired by my favorite doom 2 map: map10 - refueling base


Re-Refueling base


19 sectors, 3 secrets, 272/213/157 monsters (on hard/medium/easy difficulty accordingly). Tested on UV.


Ports Tested: GZDoom 4.3.3, vanilla; PRBoom+ 2514

IWAD: Doom 2

Map(s): MAP01

Music: Motorhead - Sacrifice (midi)

Difficulty Settings: Yes

Multiplayer Placement: Yes


BTW: prboom renders mid textures fully, even if they half in floor/ceil (so railing looks not very well), is it normal (for prboom) or i have to somehow fix this?

Please, test for consistency and report me bugs, problems and such stuff.







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Posted (edited)

Alright, it's go time!


Silent Starlight v1.0

A small map made with twenty sectors, shotgun and chaingun.


Desc: I always wanted to make a map inspired by Fredrik Johansson's Vrack series. This map uses all twenty allowed sectors, and this includes doors, a secret, and some monster closets. This is also an attempt at making a more open map, with more travelling demons and less setpieces.






Graphics : New starry sky from @Mechadon's Box O Skies, one new patch texture edited from another patch. New textures made from the available patches.

Music: "Hard Drive" by @AD_79

Tested With: GZDoom v4.3.3, Doom Retro v3.5.8, prboom-plus

Build Time: Two weeks (That's actually very fast for me!)

Special thanks: @Insane_Gazebo for playtesting and pointing out misaligned textures. Rest of the Hellforge discord for motivation.


Difficulties: Implemented!

Single Player: Designed for.

Cooperative: Map starts and enough weapons for everyone. Suggest you play with respawning ammo though. Some more enemies on the map.

Deathmatch: Uh, no? I mean it COULD work, maybe? If I added starts?



  • alpha 2 - Initial Release.
  • alpha 3 - Cleaned up the monster closets, added some more monsters, Added some more ammo and removed others. Started working on difficulty settings. Added some armor spots and redesigned the secret room so it isn't too cramped.
  • alpha 4 - Difficulty settings implemented. Added some more ammo and a chaingun before the red key room.
  • alpha 5 - Added a few monsters after getting the yellow key. Added some more ammo, too.
  • v1.0 - Fixed some texture misaligned, added some corpses to signal the blue key area is a Danger Zone, new textures. REMOVED THE TEXTURE PACK.


Download: Click me!



The entire MAYhem texture pack is in the wad: Yes, Obsidian told me to cause I couldn't figure out how to work the textures and packs together. Seriously, it's harder than it looks. If anyone can split everything apart and end up with a cleaner wad, be my guest! Only my textures are there now!

Monsters just... spawn out of nowhere: ...Yeah, one thing I learned from Boom is there are no line teleport actions that aren't silent. And line teleports are used often to bypass sector limits on normal teleports. Don't worry, I'm not too heartless: monsters are at least spawning inactive just so they can't really sneak up on you.

Doors and lifts are silent: That's normal on anything that isn't GZDoom, and is a result of reusing door and lift sectors. It bugs me too, but all I can do is title my map and make it seem like a deliberate design choice for narration.

I can't get 100% kills: Monster closets are... rather special in how they work. My current configuration should make them all spawn in, but if they don't, let me know.

Ammo and health balance is wack: Yeah, I don't trust myself with this. That's why I'm getting this map tested.

I got grievances: I know 😥


Keep in mind this is still a work in progress, and only the main layout is 99% final. Everything else can change, and will probably change. Nevertheless, have fun with the map. V ONE POINT OH LET'S A GO


Slowly getting used to releases...

Edited by dac : V1.0

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Posted (edited)

@NaturalTvventy my thoughts on your map. (Prboom+, -complevel 9)

I could see where the inspirations come from - I'm a fan of all hell breaks loose maps. The architecture also screams map16 to me.

It definitely is a non-linear map, which I like. The amount of turreted imps; pinkies (and monster closets, to an extent) are very well-placed - I managed to beat this map on my first try. Ammo is also very abundant. 

Now to the bad/not good points. Note that my comments might be inappropriate; considering you prefer mapping for Doom 1 more, thus usually following your own mapping rules.


  • Due to the overall pacing of the map, some weapons and items, namely the chaingun and the green armors in the acid pit, is pretty redundent I suggest cutting these down on HMP or just remove some weapons on UV. For the chaingun, if you still refuse to remove it, considering swapping its place with the SSG and have the shotgun spawned at the medikit cache.
  • The barrel-berserk room is pretty redundant - I could just grab the berserk with ease, and the imps usually don't try to gib me with their fireballs. Maybe relocate some of these or make the room a bit larger?
  • I suggest some monsters teleporting near (or inside) the exit at the end. The map is large, so I just ran past the enemies to the exit => not really challenging.


Good map, 7.9/10. 

Edited by TheNoob_Gamer

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damn these are some seriously awesome looking maps yall are making. it is remarkable what you can do with 20 sectors!

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@Tango - your shots in the picture thread are an exemplar even amongst what people have made here! It's a shame your map wasn't for this as well.

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Also I forgot to mention, my map features both GRAYTALL and FIREBLU. Because why not?

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On 5/11/2020 at 1:10 AM, Obsidian said:

@blinds1ght - Toxic Waltz


It's a cute little setpiece that's fun to play and has some tasteful decoration: I like it! While it isn't quite substantial enough for a mapslot of its own, it certainly plays well enough that I'd encourage you to incorporate it into a fully-fledged map. There's still a good 2/3 of a month left if you're game: I'd be keen to see what you do with it. :)


On 5/11/2020 at 7:10 PM, DavidN said:

@blinds1ght Welcome and congratulations on your first map :) I sort of have the same opinion as Obsidian does, but in a different way - I think the setpiece itself is OK on its own as a small boss level, but that nothing at all happens at the start of the level and that it could easily be cut out to give you a bit more room to make the centrepiece more interesting. Imagine being able to see the boss encounter as you make your way slowly up to it :)


@Obsidian @DavidN Thank you both for the kind words! I'm definitely game, so I've decided to give it another go. Here's what I came up with:



New screenshots:








Let me know what you think!

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I noticed a small issue with the resource WAD: there are two different textures named GRAY35 (I assume the larger one was supposed to be GRAY33).



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