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MAYhem: 2020 Edition!

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Hi, folks!


I'm here to present to you my third map.


Very excited, because it is not 'usual' or 'serious' map, no any shooting involved (so i have some problems with difficulty settings - all the same by now), but coop starts are in place.


Map name: Circus charlie

Co-op starts: yes

Difficulty settings: no (how can i add it, advice please)

Music: sx 1021 from "Incredible machine 3' (pretty annoying, but it is the point)




All the monsters from hell gathered together to decide how to punish doomguy, since they can't kill him for long 25 years.

They changed one portal on mars so it brought him to sadistic hell-circus, where all the monsters can watch and laugh and feel joy, not being ripped and teared to strawberry smoothie.





As i said it is my first not-serious map, so it may not work properly. Please, test it and report all the bugs. Sometimes it works quite different in prboom and gzdoom

Now i see those damn joined sectors in my dreams...

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Hello I took the opportunity to make an id inspired map with the sector limitation. Bet you can't guess which one this is based off.

Mapname: Dens At Night

Difficulty: Implemented for all skills

Coop: Yes, with unique difficulty

DM: Yes, with DM spawns and DM weapons

Music: yes







Download Link


Let me know if there's anything broken or if difficulty needs to be adjusted. As of now the map has a rough difficulty with plenty of traps and ambushes.

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Made a bit of something different. Careful when you shoot. Warning for headphone users in the area with the red key.

Map Name: Sleeping Giants
Custom Sky: Yes (made by me)

Custom Music: Yes ("Avalanche" by Mark Klem - Memento Mori 2)
Difficulty Implemented: Yes
Cooperative: Yes (plus a more difficult experience in multiplayer)
Deathmatch: Not Really (just Deathmatch Starts)

Map Layout:







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...god, I'm really not sure I can finish mine without terribly rushing it. The job training is taking quite a bit of my daily life, so the map has to either be downsized significantly or I have to drop it like a rock. Sorry guys.


EDIT: I'll still leave the WIP there, just in case.

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Mayhem Submission!
Map Title: Stealth Mode
Music: Stealth Mode By Jimmy
Difficulties Are Implemented & Co-op Starts are included.
Tested & Is complete able, if you run across any bugs, issues, or have general feed back I would be appreciative :)

HINT: the map title & song are a clue....
Download here: StealthMode.zip Note: I have included, the resource pack in the zip for convenience



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