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Demonic Dawn: Neighborhood

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You are a doomsday prepper, but nothing could prepare you for this. After Hell’s invasion, you and your family retreated into your secure underground bunker where you have stayed for about 4 ½ weeks. You have heard on your radio that nearly 30% of Earth has been taken over and billions of people are dead. Your bunker has kept you and your family safe, but the heat of Hell’s invasion has drained all of your batteries and you only have limited power left. You must go search for new batteries to keep your lights on and your source of information flowing. You reluctantly gather your weapons and begin to head out into the Hellscape that was once your home. Where is HE?


Demonic Dawn: Neighborhood is the second map in the Demonic Dawn series. It is a 90s style map for Doom II and is meant to be played with no freelook, crouching, or jumping. This map was tested in GZDoom. This map contains 10 secrets and 1 super-secret, can you find them all?


Par Time: 9:00


Difficulty Settings:


I’m too young to die – Hey, not too rough


Combat provides minimal challenge and exploration is optional. Meant for new Doom players or those who like to keep it simple.


Hurt me plenty


Combat is challenging and some exploration is required to survive. Meant for the average Doom player.




Combat is very challenging and much exploration and skill is required to survive. Meant for experienced Doom players.






dd2 pic.png


Your perfect neighborhood, destroyed.


dd2 pic3.png


As a kid, you used to pretend there were monsters in the sewers. Now you don't have to pretend.


dd2 pic4.png


It is just a battery, but it could mean life or death for you and your family.


dd2 pic5.png


Where the town lost their minds.



Demonic Dawn Neighborhood.zip

Edited by Clownslay : Bug fixes and minor changes.

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@Austinado Thanks for checking out my map and for finding that bug at the end, I had left a trigger in that shouldn't have been there. It's fixed now.

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