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Best Atmospheric (non level) wads? PSXDoom style!

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Hi guys.. I am a long time Doom fan (been playing since 1993.. paid a small fortune for Doom 2 on CD-ROM in 1994).. It's the best game of all time for me!


I play wads all the time (using Zdoom on my laptop and GZDoom on my Desktop).. no additional graphics cards or anything.. so sometimes the newer wads struggle..



Anyway.. I love the PSXDoom remake (currently on version as it adds a ton of atmosphere to the game.. I want to play custum wads such as Community Chest 3 & 4 using the PSXDoom style (the darker, gritier visuals, glowing projectiles etc.) but when I try this is has mixed results - crashing every time I die etc.


Is there a foolproof way to run PSXdoom with custom wads?


And what other atmosphere wads are there out there? Ones that keep Doom the same, but add some grittyness, some grime and atmosphere to it...  but not Dark Doom as I hate running around in almost pitch black darkness!


Any recommendations would be great!



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if you havent yet, there is the Lost Levels for the PSX TC, and there is also @scalliano's Threshold of Pain series, I dont have a link to the first one on hand. I beleive theres also a thing to do with Triton out there that is PSX styled too.


You generally arent going to get PSX atmosphere in maps not designed for it though; at best you can replace the music and sounds for casual use. Coloured lighting and darkened visuals are all things you need to actively edit in. There was once talks of PSX-ifying D64ID2, Perdition's Gate, Hell to Pay and Lost Episodes in the PSX TC, but that generally stopped when GEC and PsyDoom appeared.

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