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I'm looking for violent 2D platforming game from 1990s

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Hi all, I just spent over an hour googling it and failed, so hopefully some of the older folks here will remember. I'm looking for 2D platforming/puzzle PC game from 1990s. This is what I remember:


-The hero is a little boy and in the end, the entire game is revealed to be his playground fantasy.

-His main weapon is what would be called "lighthing gun" today, it fires continuously like in Quake.

-Later he can shoot fireballs from his hands and can also "charge up" them to kill tougher enemies.

-He can aim the weapons in 45 degree increments.

-The game is uncharacteristically violent for the genre, enemies rip the boy apart, break his spine etc.

-At one point a big enemy swallows him, but he shoots his way out of his stomach.



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