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Using ACS_Execute in Decorate


I am trying to create stackable backpacks, and the easiest implementation is to use ACS scripts rather than decorate. I would like to edit the backpack in decorate so that it executes the ammo adjustment scripts upon pickup, using "ACS_Execute", which can be done according to the zdoom wiki ( https://zdoom.org/wiki/ACS_Execute ). It doesn't seem to be working, and there isn't even an error message when I pickup the backpack. The script isn't being called at all.


I am able to get the script to work by manually placing "ACS_Execute" on each backpack, and the script works as intended, but I would like to figure out how to get "ACS_Execute" to work in decorate. It will be easier for me to import and remove thing resources into doom builder if i can figure out how to use this feature. I am new to ACS and Decorate so let me know if there are any glaring problems, thanks!


My Decorate Script::



ACS Source::



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The only items executing the "Pickup" state are those derived from CustomInventory.
Backpack is not one of those items.

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I don't know if this will solve your problem but you need brackets for the else condition in the second script since it's multiline, otherwise it executes Clip as the command for else and then does the other three as separate commands.


You could also try using ACS_NamedExecuteWithResult instead.

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