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What is the size of the CREDIT Lump?


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To give credit to whoever had any influence on your pwad you have several options:


1. A 320x200 graphic lump CREDIT.

Take for example the pwad DMP2012 which has a graphic CREDIT. 


2. A standard template (item 6), any size.

When you download DMP2012 it is accompanied by a text file, to let users know the specifics of the pwad and who is to be credited if that applies.


3. A text lump CREDIT, any size.

But, instead of supplying a separate text file, one could create a text lump CREDIT with Slade3 to insert the contents of the template as text.


4. Do what was done in Brit11, any size.

Create a special map with custom textures to mention who is to be credited for whatever.


6. If you make a pwad for say GZDoom then you could make a script to scroll credits as was done in The Refinery. To see the credits roll by puke script 81.

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If you create a text lump, CREDITS would be a better name than CREDIT since the latter clashes with the graphic lump name and some ports might try to interpret your text lump as a graphic in some circumstances. 

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