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Need help with modding hl2

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Hello everyone :) can you guys tell how  i can  replace a npc with another existing npc (example:replace all citizens with metrocops) without using a map editor?

I dont want to replace their models, i want to replace them fully. I want the replaced citizens to act just like a metrocop, not just replace their models.

Its hard for me to find a solution because its not as easy as replacing enemies in doom.

Thanks in advance :)

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well, you need to either use a map editor, or edit the source code to replace citizens with metrocops

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I've only been modding Hl2 for a month but I have some advice to get you started:

  • don't launch the tools from steam, go to your hl2/bin directory and launch em from there, the launcher has been broken for a while
  • if you want to make characters speak custom voice lines, you will have to use Faceposer, which is pretty broken on modern Windows, use this video to help fix it
  • get GCFScape
  • if you want to edit original hl2 maps, you have to decompile them, as the ones that come with hl2 have been compiled and are unreadable by Hammer
  • your pc isn't the issue, the Source SDK is just unstable on newer operating systems(and older ones)

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10 hours ago, Redneckerz said:

Whenever i select it to randomize models i give the hl2 folder directory it just says it couldnt find assets and launches the game anyways :(

pls help me

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