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Are there any artists on Doomworld with a semi-comic book style that are interested in commissions?

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This would be multiple commissions over time and would range from fairly simple stylization to art panels that would translate well to 320x200. 


An important aspect of what we're seeking is material that is "in medias res," or "in the midst of things". Material should be able to tell you a lot about itself without saying anything at all. 


Please send a link to your portfolio or some work that you've done it you're interested as well as your rate. 


Peace \/

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Yeah, I can do that. I draw in a scratchy, sketchy semi-comic book style, like you've described.


Here is my main portfolio (I'd suggest checking out the album art section): https://noaheadie.carbonmade.com/


I'm also the sole visual artist for the tabletop RPG Kill Sector: https://www.killsector.com/


Here's some samples of recent work:




As for specific commission rates - I prefer to set those on a job-by-job basis, since different clients look for different things, but something like a quick and simple object drawing (like the Gore Blaster or Triclops Sequencer up there) or single-figure piece (like that green mutant lady with the knife) would run you about $20-$50 depending on things like the timeframe given, how many rounds of revision are expected, and whether we're working in bulk. Something a bit more involved, like a scene with a background (like the knight surrounded by candles, or the Sword of Yord piece) would likely be somewhere in the $50-$100 range, depending on similar variables. Something super involved with shading, in-depth compositional sketches, and really fine details (like the figure skater) would be between $100-300. So in short, anywhere from $20 to $300 - the exact pricepoint would be negotiated once I know what the commission entails.


After posting this, I'll PM you the best way to reach me if you're interested.

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From one page:


10$ - black and white


+10 = 20$ total - With colors


 I work with marker pens & photoshop these days, what you see is what you get. Inform me of your desired dimensions and units. If you want something specific, please be clear and provide source material. PM me for details.


Portfolio: https://www.deviantart.com/samuelnmevander



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