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Colossal Cave Adventure

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I find this game pretty hard. I'm calling out @Grazza because I think the game tailors well to someone who is good at Chess, has a good, methodical mind and good memory. I pretty much lack all these qualities but I'm still enjoying this puzzle/adventure game. I have yet to make any real headway, though. I found a very useful hint from the FAQ, which I probably could have figured out on my own. I was a little disappointed that the FAQ has spoilers. It actually didn't get me all that far along, though. Anyway, I hope someone on here gives it a try (or maybe some old timers remember playing this game eons ago). It was actually a youtube video about John Romero that learned me about this game. I rediscovered it a couple days ago and got farther this time than the first time I tried it. I think I might have to bust out pen and paper if I'm going to get further in this game. 




If you have played this game, I am very spoiler-phobic so please don't share any details of what you remember from the game, but instead share any affect the game might have had on you at the time/any nostalgia you might have for it or other anecdotes that connect to the game without giving away stuff from inside the game. ;)



If you want to share anything that might be a spoiler, use the [] spoiler [/] tags, thanks!

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Good luck with the game, but it doesn't seem like @ works within thread titles.


This looks cool, maybe I'll give it a try.

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I played Level 9's version of it as a teenager, and it inspired me to write my own text adventures, so I have a fond regard for it. It wasn't until the age of the internet I discovered that the game is based on a real cave network, and that one of the writers was a cave explorer himself.


If it's something you enjoy then you might want to check MUDII, an online multiplayer text adventure.



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