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Is there a way to create a patrol route during runtime?


I want to implement custom movement where monsters move between waypoints in a non-fixed order.


I have tried 2 ways in a test map: 



1. Patrol Points

Spawn PatrolPoint actors with ACS and change their Args using SetThingSpecial. Use Thing_SetGoal to move a ScriptedMarine to the first point.

The marine moves to the first patrol point but doesn't move on to the second.


2. Actor Mover

Spawn InterpolationPoints actors with ACS and change their Args using SetThingSpecial. Spawn custom ActorMover with pre-defined Args and activate it.

The marine teleports to the first interpolation point but doesn't move.


It seems like a way to go would be defining interpolation or patrol points for every possible path, but this seems unmanageable.

Does anybody know a good about this?

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