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Spoiler Alert! - DOOM Eternal - Master Level: Exultia

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A deathless play-through of the DOOM Eternal Exultia Master Level on nightmare difficulty w/o commentary.


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1 hour ago, Kristian Nebula said:

Is this already available in the game? At least I can still only see the ARC Complex and Cultist Base Master Levels in my save files.


No, it's only available via cheat engine for now. We don't know when the Exultia Master Level will be officially released.


Doom 2016's first update was a month and a half after launch (May 13 to June 30; 48 days), so sometime this month could also be the first update (March 20 to May 7th would also be 48 days; and tomorrow May 7th is a Thursday, which is also when weekly challenges refresh).

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