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Hi! I'm making a mod for.. never mind :)

.. and i need some cool midis. Now that's a BIG problem because the only midis i can find are those.. crappy.. stinky.. blargh.. trance.. things..

So i want to extract midis from wad files ( hexen.. heretic.. doom etc ) but it's not working at all. I've tried wad extract programs but none of them seem to work... somebody help?

thanks in advance!


wow this forum doesn't support picture signatures.. never mind that then :)

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I just use Wintex and DeePsea, works fine for me, then again, I havent used them for any other games than Doom, Heretic, and Rott, so, meh.

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I suppose you could do it the same way I've been doing it for the past six or seven years. Go find Dmmusic and mus2midi. DOS based programs. I suppose WinTex has it built in, but if the links are dead, try those. Should be able to find them anywhere. Just do a search.

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I found WinTex 4.3 here. Don't worry if it doesn't seem to work using Internet Explorer. 3DArchives is kind of full right now. Netscape would just show the FTP error message.

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