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Pełzająca Część Twarzy

First Things First WAD

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Greetings and Salutations!

I em honor to present this level "First Things First" created by me. It is my first Doom WAD and i hope it's not last one, cause i enjoy making it.


Tested with GzDoom, Zandronum, ZDoom

IWAD - Doom 2
Freelook - no, but if you really want to it does not destroy gameplay

Jumping/crouching - no

Cooperative - 2-4 players but not tested 

Editor Use: Doom Buldier, XWE

Music is of course from Rise of the Triad, i don't own any right to this and shit like that



It's a one level of classic run and gun Doom gameplay with huge and intense fights. 
I try to make it difficult, not a unfairly difficult but still cruel. Did again I put much more health and ammo than I need to complete.
It maybe not the best Doom map I play. But god damn I put my heart in this and I love it! You know what!? Screw you! I'm even proud of that!
If someone will record playing this, please link that below. The best part of making map is to see that someone die in your trap :) 

And some screeshots:


This room and one more i actually take form my snapmap-map to Doom 2016. If you're curious, check it out: Z3CNC4BL




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I'm add another update that should prevent getting stuck in multiplayer. Also I see that in multiplayer after respawn, monsters fall asleep, even those in monster closet that should teleport in. I eliminate with that problem as well but without final area (forth screenshot), that is too separate from my monsters closets. So if play coop and you die in final area remember to shot on your way back there, if you want to do it legit. I'm open to advice how to deal with that in a future 

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First Things First: Congratulations on your first map! :D

I played your map, and to my surprise I actually kinda liked it, although it has a rocky start.

Frankly, after first few rooms I thought it's gonna some shitshow, but it gets progressively better,

especially after you reach outside area. Fights are fun and fast paced (for the most part).

There is some annoying monster placement with spiders and imps placed very far away, but nothing ultra-bad.

Also, there is one questionable design choice - WHY DID YOU PUT SSG IN OPTIONAL AREA? I can't imagine playing this map without one.

if you expect the player to have something make sure he has it, or else it's not gonna be fun gameplay, I guess that's my only major concern with this map.

Overall, quite fun map, even if its rough around the edges.


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Thanks for warm opinion. :) 

47 minutes ago, UgiBugi said:

WHY DID YOU PUT SSG IN OPTIONAL AREA? I can't imagine playing this map without one.

Well the idea was to make optional area worth exploring. I play it without SSG ... ones... and it is possible but tedious so I understand what you mean

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Amazing stuff :) It's incredible to see such fast evolution happening as the map goes on - the start looks very beginnerish, then you add bigger rooms, multiple heights, sector details, outdoor scenes... it's like you've spedrun getting to be a great mapper within one map!


I was definitely starved for ammunition and health at the beginning of the map, but after the first couple of rooms it got a lot more manageable - notably after the acquisition of the super shotgun!



It seems like I uploaded the video leaving my first failed take on it by accident, so enjoy that look behind the scenes ;)

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