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If you could rename the levels of Ultimate DOOM

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What would you rename some of the levels and even episodes? I did the first three from KDD


Knee Deep in the Dead

E1M1: Hangar- Space Port

E1M2: Nuclear Plant- Sewage Control

E1M3: Toxin Refinery- Training Camp

E1M4: Command Control- 

E1M5: Phobos Lab- 

E1M6: Central Processing- 

E1M7: Computer Station- 

E1M8: Phobos Anomaly- 

E1M9: Military Base-  


The Shores of Hell

E2M1: Deimos Anomaly- 

E2M2: Containment Area- 

E2M3: Refinery- 

E2M4: Deimos Lab- 

E2M5: Command Center-  

E2M6: Halls of the Damned- 

E2M7: Spawning Vats- 

E2M8: Tower of Babel- 

E2M9: Fortress of Mystery- 



E3M1: Hell Keep- 

E3M2: Slough of Despair- 

E3M3: Pandemonium- 

E3M4: House of Pain- 

E3M5: Unholy Cathedral- 

E3M6: Mt. Erebus- 

E3M7: Limbo- 

E3M8: Dis- 

E3M9: Warrens- 


Thy Flesh Consumed

E4M1: Hell Beneath- 

E4M2: Perfect Hatred- 

E4M3: Sever the Wicked- 

E4M4: Unruly Evil- 

E4M5: They Will Repent- 

E4M6: Against Thee Wickedly- 

E4M7: And Hell Followed- 

E4M8: Unto the Cruel- 

E4M9: Fear- 

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E3M9: Hell Keep - so the unsuspecting player will really just think they've been transported back to E3M1 when playing for the first time.


I like the level names for TFC as they are, but I'll try to give them location-based names anyways. I named most of these after demon lords or the circles of Hell, since if Doomguy decided to stick around Hell to avenge Daisy, he might delve into some more darker places he wasn't meant to go. I also noticed there are nine circles in Hell, just like how there are nine maps in a Doom episode! Coincidence? Probably.


E4M1: Gates of Misery - Not named after anything

E4M2: Sonneillon's Prison - Sonneillon is a demon prince who tempts men to hate; "prison" is a reference to the Cyberdemon

E4M3: Grounds of Cerberus - Cerberus guards the Third Circle of Hell

E4M4: Halls of Mammon - Mammon is the demon of greed; greed is represented in the Fourth Circle of Hell

E4M5: Styx Burial Crypt - The river Styx is the Fifth Circle of Hell - there's plenty of blood pools in E4M5 too

E4M6: Citadel of the Heretic - The Sixth Circle of Hell is for heretics

E4M7: Geryon's Roost - Geryon is a monster found in the Seventh Circle of Hell

E4M8: The Malebranche - Malebranche are demons that hold guard in the Eighth Circle of Hell

E4M9: Mirage of Cocytus - Cocytus is a frozen lake found in the Ninth Circle of Hell; "mirage" is a reference to the tech theme of E4M9

Edited by AtimZarr1 : Formating + Spelling

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1 hour ago, AtimZarr1 said:

E4M2: Sonneillon's Prison

I like the original name better (Perfect Hatred). It fits of all of the frustration trying to beat that shit on Nightmare.

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E1M1: Ganhar

E1M2: Pluclear Nant

E1M3: Roxin Tefinery

E1M4: Conmand Comtrol- 

E1M5: Lobos Phab- 

E1M6: Prentral Cocessing- 

E1M7: Stomputer Cation- 

E1M8: Abos Phonomaly- 

E1M9: Bilitary Mase-  


E2M1: Aimos Denomaly- 

E2M2: Atainment Conrea- 

E2M3: Nefirery- 

E2M4: Leimos Dab- 

E2M5: Cemmand Conter-  

E2M6: Dalls of the Hamned- 

E2M7: Vawning Spats- 

E2M8: Bower of Tabel- 

E2M9: Mortress of Fystery- 


E3M1: Kell Heep- 

E3M2: Dough of Slespair- 

E3M3: Mandeponium- 

E3M4: Pouse of Main- 

E3M5: Canholy Uthedral- 

E3M6: Ert. Mebus- 

E3M7: Bimlo- 

E3M8: Sid- 

E3M9: Rarwens- 


E4M1: Bell Heneath- 

E4M2: Herfect Patred- 

E4M3: Wever the Sicked- 

E4M4: Eruly Unvil- 

E4M5: Rey Will Thepent- 

E4M6: Wicgainst Thee Akedly- 

E4M7: And Fell Hollowed- 

E4M8: Crunto the Uel- 

E4M9: Reaf- 

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  • E1M1: Recieving Center.
  • E1M2: Administration. 
  • E1M3: Waste Processing.
  • E1M4: Main Reactor.
  • E1M5: Comm. Center.
  • E1M6: Server Banks.
  • E1M7: Corrupted Lab.
  • E1M8: Phobos Gateway.
  • E1M9: Living Quarters.


  • E2M1: Deimos Lab.
  • E2M2: Supply Depot.
  • E2M3: Hydroponic Station.
  • E2M4: Twisted Reactor.
  • E2M5: Marine HQ.
  • E2M6: Comm. Station.
  • E2M7: Processing Vats.
  • E2M8: Demon King's Arena.
  • E2M9: Petersen Memorial.


  • E3M1: Welcome to Hell.
  • E3M2: Baphomet's Hand.
  • E3M3: Halls of Misery.
  • E3M4: Forsaken Palace.
  • E3M5: Warping Station.
  • E3M6: Erebus Mesa.
  • E3M7: Reservoir of Blood.
  • E3M8: Cocytus.
  • E3M9: Deja vu.


  • E4M1: Shit-Life.
  • E4M2: I'm Romero's Bitch.
  • E4M3: God Make it Stop!
  • E4M4: It's Brown and Boring.
  • E4M5: I Repent Everything.
  • E4M6: Puke Green Torment.
  • E4M7: If You Only Knew How Bad Things Really Are.
  • E4M8: End Me.
  • E4M9: Episode 1 Reject.

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E1M1: Warehouse

E1M2: Radioactive Facility

E1M3: Nukage Factory

E1M4: Order Control

E1M5: Satellite's Workshop

E1M6: Kernel Refining

E1M7: Calculator Workplace

E1M8: Moon Disturbance

E1M9: Army Fortress


E2M1: Asteroid Disturbance

E2M2: Holding Place

E2M3: Factory

E2M4: Moon's Workshop

E2M5: Order Midpoint

E2M6: Corridors of the Condemned

E2M7: Creating Cistern

E2M8: Babel's Spire

E2M9: Castle of Conundrum


E3M1: Inferno Fort

E3M2: Marsh of Hopelessness

E3M3: Turmoil

E3M4: Chamber of Agony

E3M5: Impure Church

E3M6: Mt. Everest

E3M7: Purgatory

E3M8: Deadly Imposing Spider

E3M9: Maze


E4M1: Heaven Above

E4M2: Incomplete Love

E4M3: Join The Virtuous

E4M4: Disciplined Good

E4M5: They Will Rejoice

E4M6: In Favor of The Legally

E4M7: And Heaven Left Behind

E4M8: Unto the Compassionate

E4M9: Confidence

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E1M1: Ray Gun
E1M2: Halls and a Maze

E1M3: Why yes, that is an Inescapable Pit

E1M4: Generic Base

E1M5: Generic Base with more monsters

E1M6: Halls and a Star-Shaped Maze

E1M7: Windows Everywhere

E1M8: You Can't Win

E1M9: Square Rooms and Stairs


E2M1: The Damaging Cross

E2M2: Crate Rooms

E2M3: Intermission of Doom

E2M4: Experiments

E2M5: Keys Not Included

E2M6: The Long Way Around

E2M7: Amalgamation

E2M8: Battle the Goat

E2M9: The Infight

E3M1: This Map Fucking Sucks

E3M2: Demon Hand

E3M3: Just Some Chambers

E3M4: Tricks and Traps Beta

E3M5: Cursed Courtyard


E3M7: Maze of Blood

E3M8: Needs More Effort

E3M9: This Map Still Fucking Sucks


E4M1: Dearth

E4M2: On Your Toes

E4M3: Frenzy
E4M4: Break From Hell

E4M5: Marble Halls
E4M6: The Pit Beta

E4M7: Sleepy Halls

E4M8: Hell Shall Stand Firm

E4M9: Symmetry

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11 hours ago, NuMetalManiak said:

E1M3: Why yes, that is an Inescapable Pit

HEY! Give the map the damn credit it deserves.
Those are THREE inescapable pits


ᵗʰᵉ ᵒᵗʰᵉʳ ² ᵇᵉᶦⁿᵍ ᵗʰᵉ ˢᶦᵈᵉˢ ᵒᶠ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇʳᶦᵈᵍᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇˡᵘᵉ ᵏᵉʸᶜᵃʳᵈ

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