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Problems with PrBoom+ source editing

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I posted this in source ports but that might not be the proper place for it so im posting it here
I got PrBoom+ mostly following a tutorial on youtube for editing dooms source code on linux and it installed with three executables thingers? or something im not exactly sure what they are called im new to linux anyways one is normal PrBoom+ and the others are PrBoom+ starting with freedoom or freedoom2 they seem to work fine but I have been building my own PrBoom+ (mostly following the video) but it doesn't have music and it crashes whenever I go into the options menu and I've got no idea why so far the biggest thing I've changed is the super shotgun and normal shotguns editor numbers which has worked mostly fine (I can't actually select it but I can pick it up off the ground and use it until I select a different weapon) as long as I include a pwad with the ssg's assets so if anyone has any idea whats happening or how to fix it I would like to hear your advice 

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