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Copying linedefs only


I'm using GZDoom Builder and am trying to copy multiple circles over multiple locations, rather than using the 'Draw Ellipse Mode' each time. The circles will be pasted over some existing linedefs, and I'd like the circles to be split by those existing linedefs. However, when I paste the circles, they erase any linedefs underneath and I just get the circles overtop.


Will post actual screenshots if need be, but hopefully this does the trick:

Have:          -------------

Want:         ---(-(--)-)---

Am getting: ---( (   ) )---


Tried selecting the linedefs of the circle only rather than the entire sectors, getting the same result.

Selecting all linedefs in the circles minus one *does* work but then I have to add in the missing linedefs afterward. For now that's working better than manually placing each circle, but this isn't the first time I've encountered this problem so I figure it's time to ask.


Edit: Actually I take that back. After making a few copies this way, it really messes up my sectors, so it looks like I'll need a 'proper' way of doing it.

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Sounds like you have "Replace with Dragged Geometry" selected. Try "Merged Dragged Geometry".



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