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A photoshop contest, part of a little experiment of mine...

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On the various game-based bulletin-boards I go to, I've decided to post this image and ask the other posters to PS it as they see fit. I personally think the different ideas each forum will come up with will be quite interesting. So, yeah. Let's see what the Doomworlders can come up with.

And I am quite aware that my attempts at getting rid of the score bar are haphazard at best, so shush.

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Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable!
The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer.


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This is what happens when you can't pay for good webspace, and you post a 640x480 png file on four different forums...

Should be back in about an hour.

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bask in the glory of the poorly-drawn bong!

this was an obvious one... it's serious lacking in the originality department (if this is similar to the one that's been posted, sorry. the link didn't work for me so i haven't seen it)

ps: don't bother pointing out that the water is far too clean to be bong-water, i'm aware

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in reply to Linguica's image... i think Mario has finally found his way to the "Mushroom Kingdom"

that crazy plumber!

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gatewatcher said:


that kicks ass!

there's a big machine in the sky... some sort of electric-snake.


not yet... i want to study it's habits


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