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Extreme (RUDE) Doom sessions

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Well, may be it's not that hard. I want to host some RUDE MP sessions. You know it's a Chocolate Doom fork with some extra features.


Unholy Massacre skill (mainly 2x monsters).

Ultimate Doom iwad.

Backpacks, no DM things, keep keys.


The bad thing is there's no ingame joining and only 4 players. Hope you can see the server, use the find server on the internet option in setup. My IP is dinamic but i'll post it here.

We'll continue the first episode (E1M4), i was playing a fake splitscreen game with my nephew.

 Some hints: there's friendly fire. Try not to steal someone else's backpacks (this is nearly impossible i know). If you're very close to a wall when you die you can't drop a backpack and you'll lose your inventory. You can drop backpacks with 'X' and stimpacks with 'C' by default. Use the pistol and fist to save ammo.

Now who wants to play? And at which time? I live in Spain. It would be cool if fraggle could join.

Edit: of course RUDE is not network compatible with Choco and Crispy (i mention this just in case).

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Good thing fraggle didn't join we found several serious issues playing the other day. But now everything is fixed AFAIK. We reached e2m5.

So i've released 3.1.0pre5. https://github.com/drfrag666/RUDE/releases/tag/3.1.0pre5


Unholy Massacre skill.

Ultimate Doom iwad.

Backpacks, no DM things, keep keys, double ammo.

If you're interested tell me here or in Doom Realm Español.

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