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Cancelled Doom 3 mods?

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1 hour ago, Deⓧiaz said:

Deimos Panic (no download link this time) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWCw2PQlGzI) - the mockery russian total conversion (sometime illegally sold in Russia on disks as Doom 3 DLC) where the first map is almost good quality (with scripts and cutscenes!), but all other maps are just trash made in few minutes.


Interesting. The first level is Obi-Wan map01 by Henk Bernhardt. I'm sure they included it without his permission... It's a good opener for an episode, but like you say, the following maps look like trash.

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10 hours ago, PaulRazvan95 said:


It was a remake of the Rage of Mages II: Necromancer on the id Tech 4. The author did not finish it for family reasons.


In addition to Deimos Panic, there were also other illegal addons:

- Exorcism

- Hell island

- Nightmare

- Orbital collapse

- Phobos Anomaly

- Fallen Angel


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Smary guys. 


There is a mod on ModDb, set in a STALKER like level design, made by them too. That has some nice level design. Cant remember the name


Edit: Silent Shout

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Not exactly a mod, but I recently stumbled across a couple of very promising Doom 3 levels that were never released:



It's sad when so much work has been put into it and then it never gets released. Though I can also understand that the author didn't want to release it when it isn't finished 100%.

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I'm not sure if this mod was cancelled or not, but LGR covered it in a video of his and I thought it was pretty cool.


DOOM 3...from 2004....running on a Voodoo 2 GPU from 1998.



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On 10/5/2020 at 9:40, Artman2004 said:

Escuché que hay un montón de modificaciones canceladas para Doom 3. ¿Conoces alguna?

I do not know some but I think they canceled it because of the mapping and programming, I already think that mapping and programming is surely difficult but hey I don't know that much

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Escape from Enemy Mountain is another cancelled mod that has still it's own website: https://enemymountain.weebly.com/

ModDB page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/escape-from-enemy-mountain


There was a demo level released that is still available. Some interesting screenshots on the page. Author wanted to create a map pack losely based on classic Doom levels, but transferred into a Doom 3 hell setting. He also included some custom monsters.



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