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T.A.S (Tool-Assisted Speedrun) Creator / Editor?

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Hey, Everyone. This is my first real "post" on this forum EVER, so go easy on me if I mess some grammar up or I am just plain stupid, OK?


I want to know if there are any good tools for making my own Tool Assisted Speed run. I've seen some on YouTube, and they are DAMN impressive, and I keep thinking "Hey, I should make one too!" But I don't know where to go to create a T.A.S! Are there any tools to make my own DOOM speed run? Please let me know soon!




(P.S, if there are any FCEUX-type T.A.S makers, where you can basically input ANY input at ANY frame, PLEASE let me know!)

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You can also use PRBoom+ to slow down the game and record a demo, and when you are done with it just play the demo with normal speed

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