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Hell's Redemption - Massive Otex Boom Slaughtermap (RC1)

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Hell's Redemption is a massive, over the top, and highly difficult boom compatible slaughtermap made by myself over the course of a couple of weeks. What was originally intended to be a short, brutal slaughtermap ended up much different when I decided I wanted to practice my "macro slaughter." The difficulty is high, it may give expert players a good challenge. Some fights will require some scouting to find out where powerups are before a serious attempt can occur. I didn't spend a lot of time on the visuals, all the work I did was mostly gameplay.


Also a quick warning: the map will require a device that can handle 6,000+ monsters active at one time, so PrBoom+ is recommended for slower machines. I've also tried as much as I could to eliminate cleanup but sadly it's almost inevitable in fights of this size, though I think I've got it somewhat under control. In game time for me is usually 20-25 minutes. Difficulties are not implemented either.




Primary Purpose: Single Player and Coop

IWAD: Doom 2

Engine Needed: Boom Compatible (use cl9 for prboom, if using a zdoom port, set default compatibility to "boom(strict)")

Tested With: PrBoom+

Jumping: No

Crouching: No

Maps: 1 (Map01)

Difficulty Settings: Not implemented







Action shots (Spoiler Warning):











Ola Björling (ukiro) for Otex
map01 music is "casb2.mid" from Heretic 2 (I got it from Sunlust map26)
title music is "Aorta" by ErisFalling
intermission music is "Compression of Time" from Final Fantasy VIII (I got it from Scythe 2 Map20)


As always, feedback is much appreciated! Report any bugs you find to me as well.


Edited by Arbys550

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45 minutes ago, MikeyScoots said:

Bro....is this even winnable? Be honest with me. Screens look great but that kind of slaughter...


It's definitely possible, I've beaten it quite a few times during testing. All fights have a good strategy with probably a 50% chance of survival (for me).

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Indeed, I was about to say the same thing. It seemed manageable at first, then I saw the screenshot with brick walls of Barons, Pinkies, and Revenants.


I would expect the difficulty to be quite obscene in places :v.

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