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1 hour ago, Arl said:

The normal map is from this:



Seems like the design reached an ingame model, but was never used in the end, just like the rest of Brett Briley work for RoE.

So it’s a scrapped numb map of an early Helltime hunter design nice

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On 5/12/2020 at 8:47 AM, DoomedSpartan said:

And apperently this local tga image is in the game files:


I have abosolutly no idea what this is from what I can tell it’s not a zombie too much flesh and some areas do not look human at all


Is this maybe part of the Maledict model? The morphed body of Betruger?


Or the "door monster" that popped up only once in the game?


edit: Arl found the monster this belongs to. Should have read the whole thread.


Interesting finds!

Edited by Tetzlaff

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ChupaReaper's SMM is based on Doom 3 SMM, the other one is from Phobos.

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