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vous souvenez vous de la fete en 1992 ?

tous ceux qui etaient present ce jour la : artem (alias clou alias californien ) kraflab (rire jaune) revved (la fille de l'hp main au cul ) etc.. j'ai accedé a toutes vos requetes a votre tour maintenant je veux voir marie-christine ( alias lizzie tucker alias la pompiere) je veux la voir irl, en chair et en os, aujourd'hui bien entendu.

merci d'avance



ps:j'ai des vagues, vous m'avez bien fait marcher et vous le ferez encore...barbotiere

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Third month of corona lockdown: remembering 1992 parties with people probably not even born yet (particularly the pornstar).

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google translate for everyone:



do you remember the party in 1992?

all those who were present this day: artem (alias nail alias californian) kraflab (yellow laugh) revved (the girl of the hp hand in the ass) etc .. I have acceded to all your requests in your turn now I want see marie-christine (alias lizzie tucker alias la pompiere) i want to see her irl, in the flesh, today of course.

thank you in advance



ps: I have waves, you made me walk well and you will do it again ... barbotiere



p.s. no i still dont understand

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