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Found a bug in map 28 of the PS4 Plutonia Experiment (Sewers), was wondering if this is unique to this version?

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In Plutonia from the “add-ons” menu of Bethesdas Doom II source port (steam, switch, xbone, ps4) in map 28: Sewers. 

If you reload a quicksave after you have already picked up the red key, and left the area where it is located, the ambush will not teleport in after you flip the switch behind the red door, unless you go back into the red key room and fire a weapon first. 

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That has to do with the fact that when you save and reload, the enemies go dormant again and have to be re-alerted. This is vanilla behavior that got carried over by the looks of it.


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Funnily enough, this is the exact thing (enemies going dormant after loading) that back then made me start looking for a solution on how to fix it and is and the reason I stumbled upon and entered the world of Doom source ports.


Thinking back, I can't imagine ever playing like that again. This and the blockmap bug.... Gross(e optional :P).

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