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Longest and Shortest WADs?

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What is the longest time you spent on making a Doom WAD and what is the shortest time you spent on making a WAD?

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If we're talking entire, released WADs, some of my individual map releases have been made in just a few hours. At the other end of the spectrum, my first release, Scourge, was the work of several years (on and off), to the extent that the maps at the end may as well have been made by an entirely different mapper to those at the start. On a meta level, the three-volume version of Persephone covers roughly 15 years of mapping over my life.


For maps specifically, I've done a speed map in just under an hour (I submitted it to the compilation a year or two ago), but spent over a year on Warpzone and Coils of the Twisted Tale, working on and off but eventually managing to finish them.

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