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Kuroji Shi2do

Project-19 || Boom WAD

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Well,the screenshots look nice and I downloaded it and will play it later. Us elderly people need our rest. :) And your English is fine. Had time to play some of it, and it played just fine for me. I'm not a good player or good at spotting bugs, but I did enjoy project19 very much. Hopefully someone else will play it too. Sometimes it takes a while to get noticed. There's a lot of good people here. Hope you make more maps as well. Good luck and stay safe.

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I played it, found it pretty tricky to navigate and couldn't find the exit after about 45 min of playing (it was getting late).  Looks good, quite old school zdoom style map. Fair few inescapable pits and a switch that didn't work.   Quite an easy slaughtery fight at the end, possibly one of the easiest fights in the map due to the massive supplies given, but still a lot of fun.  Keep it up! 

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