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Chocolate Doom on PS Vita issue

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I already asked on the Chocolate Doom thread, but I'm looking for further help here. So the thing is simple:

- I try to run Doom2 with D4V.wad (Doom 4 Vainilla)

- It sometimes runs, but sometimes Doom2 completely vainilla runs instead of the modded version I want

I need help with this, can I make it work properly? It's sort of a gamble, most of the time it doesn't load properly and I end up with Doom2 without D4V.wad loaded. I do load D4V.deh but that doesn't really help, I've even been able to load the mod without the .deh file

I you had experience with chocolate doom on the vita please help. I also can't make it run custom maps which I'd also love to do, along with the D4V mod

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First of all, welcome to Doomworld! Hope you have a good time here!
Second, D4V.wad MUST be loaded with D4V.deh, if not, D4V will not work properly.

Third, do you know how to handle Chocolate Doom on PC? I don't know the port of PSVita, but i thinkt it must be similar to the PC counterpart, so, you need to know how to load mods through the command line, or create a .bat file to load them automatically.

If that doesn't work, well, search the developers of the PSVita port.
Sorry for not helping more.

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Thx dude, I've been trying to contact fgsfds, who is the dude that ported chocdoom, but I haven't had luck yet. Anyhow, I don't have any experience with cd on pc but I read smth about .bat files, yet I don't know anything about how to handle those yet. I started using GZdoom just recently so I'm pretty green here

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If you want something nearer to Chocolate Doom, i recomend yo to try Doom Retro, its a grat sourceport. And you don't need to made .bat files, just double click on DoomRetro.exe, choose the mods you wanna play, you cand add more than one with  CTRL key, and play!
Unfortunately, DoomRetro its not compatible with gzdoom specific mods. But it is highly compatible with D4V that you wanted to play and with Scythe, thatn comes bundled with D4V.

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