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It looks like normal wad, because you will be on map with many imps cacodemons & More... On Last part you will fight the cyberdemon in my created arena :)) , map was created 16.5. 2020. -More levels is creating just now :)

Creator: Pezl


Crouching: No

Jumping: No

-----> DOWNLOAD <-----

if it doesnt works http://www.mediafire.com/file/xqoazefildawei9/MapDeep.rar/file

Screenshot : https://imgur.com/vPkbyc3


Normal download ----> MapDeep.rar

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Not bad for a start. There should be a way to get on top of the platform with the chaingunner in the room with the blood pool.

And there should be a bit more to that arena -- some ammo to fight the cybie; and the exit switch should be hidden somewhere.

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The map is very good! Much better than the previous one. You should be a little more careful with the textures alignments, and in some pieces of sky you can see other textures like flying. There I show you where:


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Thank you so much @Get Phobo and @URROVA :)) ,  & i placed that texture up because in other versions you see glitched textures so i placed it i only can upgrade it to look better and not floating :)

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Wowza there's quite a few errors here. From the excessive mis-aligned textures to the first door causing the "sector collapse" error (It's my nickname for the mapping error where you incorrectly tag a door which causes every sector tagged 0 to act like a door and thus, "collapse" when closing).


Standing back for a second, there's a few interesting mechanics used here like the teleporters near the red door. Maybe if this was expanded a little than you could have an interesting use for them, but currently they feel pointless.


Ammunition is here is barely enough to kill everything barring the big cybie at the end (It takes a MINIMUM of 2 BFG shots to kill the Cyberdemon. 1 BFG alone will never cut the cheese fully).


Also, a good chunk of the textures seem to just be a quick mash up of tech and hell with not a whole lot of cohesion between them. :l

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