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BUTTS - 309 monsters challenge [MEGAWAD?]

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Hi, BUTTS is sommenting like "NUTS" but this is possible version, if you have lowend pc / laptop you will have nolag gameplay.

 Monsters = 309 can you kill them all?? kill all monsters then end level


Crouching: No

Jumping : No

Creator : Pezl

you can tell me if you did it or not :)

----> DOWNLOAD <----


Edited by Pezl : df links

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So I decided to give this a little play through and I noticed this map was uploaded less than 24 hours since your previous map. Just as a heads up, frequently posting maps is generally a bad idea since you need to spend time to refine a map (TBF though the other one was a speed map).


Well, the door collapsing error I mentioned in your other map you posted also appears here. Do take care when mapping with doors as this bug is rather annoying. Also, unless there was a secret I missed I didn't see a way back to the starting room to grab more megaspheres (but than again 1 is all you really need if you just spam the BFG at all the cacodemons then pick off the imps with rockets and shotgun blasts).


The map is short and can be beaten in around 3-5 minutes (less if you leg it like mad).


Honestly there's not really much to say here overall...



PS: Oh by the way there's a certain gun you forgot to add... I'm not angry it's missing... just... slightly depressed. Q_Q

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You should probably clarify which source port to play it in. When I tried playing it in Crispy Doom, it was extremely broken. I tried it in GZDoom and it worked. Other than that, it's alright. The texture choice is ok and it's really easy to beat. The part where you end the map is a little strange. The Stairs are very thin and so is the platform you walk on with the imps. It's a pretty good joke wad.

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