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Using multiple IWADs as resources in DoomBuilder (palette issue)


I want to load multiple IWADs (or WADs with a PLAYPAL lump) in DoomBuilder and I want the resources (flats, walls and sprites) from each of the WADs to be displayed with the palette (PLAYPAL lump) of their origin WAD.


Unfortunately, DoomBuilder uses the last loaded palette to display the assets:





I've tried googling for an answer but I didn't get any results. So, please, is there a way to do it, especially with a flag or a setting in the configuration files? or, does any of the advanced and more modern forks of DoomBuilder configured to display correctly multiple palettes from WADs?

I know my question may look weird since source ports are using one PLAYPAL lump, but I want this for my new project (RAD), which is able to use resources from different IWADs with different PLAYPAL lumps at the same time.

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No, the DB family doesn't support this. There's not really a reason to, consindering that Doom ports don't work that way.

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