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Robot J

Robot J's Doom Pack Version 0.5 Release

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Yep. The first public release on Robot J's Doom Pack is here! After studing decorate I've learned to make weapons and was able to make alot. and I mean ALOT. So I will list the summon list (although I recommend to use IDKFA) Summon List: SuperChaingun, Knife, BFL9000, AA12, PlasmaCharger, BFG2704, PainElementalEye, PlasmaShotgun, CyberLauncher, Everything, HyperBlaster, SteamedHams, PlasmaPistol, Revolver, HypeCannon, PlasmaChaingun, and BerserkSphere. The only way to get them is IDKFA or summon them (use the summon list). Although when V1 comes out I will add the weapons into the maps. Wad required is DOOM.wad or DOOM2.wad. I've tried both GZDoom and Zandronum and both work perfectly well! REMEMBER! THIS IS ONLY V0.5. NOT EVERYTHING IS FINISHED AND WEAPONS/POWERUPS ARE EXPECTED TO CHANGE LATER ON. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE .WAD FILE







Edited by Robot J : Forgot to include screenshots and ports needed

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7 hours ago, Walter confetti said:

Fantastic, but... Screenshots?

Port is any zdoom-compatible ports, right?

And of course I forgot both of those xD thanks for reminding me but the ports I have tested it on are GZDoom and zandronum and both work. I'll grab some screenshots and edit the post


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