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Hammer of Thyrion (Hexen II) mouse lag

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I know a few people on this forum have played Hexen II so it should be a good place to ask.


I have the same problem with vanilla Hexen II and HoT, the mouse response is very delayed. I tried a couple of command line parameters but they didn't do anything. I've only been able to fix it by forcing vsync off through the Nvidia control panel which is not my preferred way of doing things.


Any help is appreciated. You can suggest a different source port too.

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Unfortunately there is no way to do that if I recall correctly. The only way to get rid of it is to disable VSync and cap the framerate. This is what I am doing with SDL-based ports as well, as I am sensitive to input lag and it bothers me to no end.


I don't remember other Hexen 2 ports still being in development, but I could be wrong.

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