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Martin Howe

Realm of the Black Cat - Martin Howe's Offcuts

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I'm not much of an artist, but have visions of the weird or inspiring, or terrifying that I do not have the hand-eye co-ordination to draw. Some of these I do in Doom, not as machinima but as part of the occasional level or mod. Others I just use as desktop backgrounds or share on twitter. So I'll just leave them here for those who might find them inspiring, or just enjoyable. Send praise or even just wry observations if you wish. You can send abuse as well, but I wouldn't risk it, as my cat will eat you :)

Demons for Dinner.png

( Yes, that is an Imp. Why do you ask? :) )

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The following is something I have dreamed of for years. I am not a True Fan of Star Wars, though I guess neither are a large % of those who claim to be :p But I love the Executor class starships. They are starkly beautiful as engines of destruction, especially if fitted with a superlaser. If I somehow acquired Absolute Power (tm) and appointed myself Supreme Goa'uld System Lord (sm) and Evil Emperor Of Sol (r), I wouldn't bother with Ion Cannons, Orbital Destructor Satellites, and whatnot. If anyone pissed me off enough, I'd just do this. You want a 12 mile long battleship hovering above a city of terrified criminals sensing their utter annihilation? You got it :)


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Oh my, I love these ships as well. When I was still in scale modelling my dream was to one day have a huge scale model of one of these. At least 1m in length. Full of LED lights and fiber cables, so the windows light up. They are just beautiful in their combination of simplicity but outrageous greebliness.


Something like this:




Courtesy of: https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/executor-class-super-star-destroyer.302025/

Please check out all the pictures.

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