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VoidSW and Duke3D - Vulkan Support

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For a unrelated project I needed to have a test bed for some new feature work, and build was actually the best usecase for that work. So I added vulkan and d3d12 support to Polymer. I only plan on getting it close to feature parity to the original Polymer bits. It's almost there, I just need to fix the sky, color palette/sector shading stuff and a few other things. 


Alpha 1 release + Video is a few posts down, here's a quick link:



Source Code:


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Just added sector shading/palette stuff. Also fixed the elevator bug you see in the video were the floor geometry doesn't move. PolymerVulkan and PolymerD3D12 get 2.8ms here. Polymer Regular(OpenGL) 10ms. Polymost is 1ms. This is without any multithreading stuff though. 



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PolymerVulkan First Alpha Release



PolymerVulkan - Alpha Release 1

What is this?
This is a Vulkan renderer for eduke32.

Source Code:

How to run:
* Bring over the Duke3D.grp file from the Atomic edition.
* Make sure Polymer is checked and fullscreen is NOT checked on the startup dialog. You can use any resolution you want.

Known Issues:
* Opening the console causes the game to crash.
* Switching the hud to different hud types can cause the game to crash.
* Floor aligned sprites don't render properly.


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10 hours ago, LiT_gam3r said:

great job bro!

Thanks :).


I've had a few people ask me about Shadow Warrior. I have Vulkan working locally in Shadow Warrior, I have some non rendering related bugs(e.g. broken controls, looks like the code hasn't been touched in awhile) once I fix those bugs I'll release a Shadow Warrior build for testing as well.





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12 minutes ago, Scrabbs said:

"bitchin"_ Dick Kickem

Yep, it's that time again kiddies.



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I did a quick performance comparison between Polymer Vulkan and Polymost OpenGL. I also added quite a bit of new functionality, including transparent water. Ion Fury no longer crashes the vulkan renderer. Polymost is now used for Occlusion(which speeds things up quite a bit). 



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Please before trying PolymerVK, update your drivers to the latest version. Users have reported a soft lock issue with the March 2020 Nvidia drivers, that is fixed with the latest nvidia driver.

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