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Greetings...and a question!

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Greetings from Germany!

I´ve downloaded some Weapons from the "Weapons Emporium".

For example: PSG1.WAD

How can I paste it to the Weapons in the game?

Thx for help!

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hmmm... Im assuming you mean how to use the weapon mod in the Game, right?

anyways, In cases of using source ports;

  • Legacy: in cases of using legacy, well, legacy its pretty easy so no need to explain that.

  • Zdoom: If you do not have a Zdoom launcher to use from windows, then just goto Dos, and goto the directory eg: C:\doom>zdoom -file insertwadnamehere.wad ... You can use -skill insertskill1,2,3,4,or5here but u dont have to.

and well, most are just like Zdoom, except of putting 'Zdoom' at the start of the line, put the name of the port.

If you are using Good ol' Vanilla Doom, just put Doom2 or Doom or which ever iwad u use instead of the Zdoom for you would in the Zdoom way.

I know this may not help, but, meh, I tried...

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